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We handle all your property processes
with the highest professionalism

At BCNTRADIS we offer you the most effective and modern property administration services.  Because we have a team of professionals with an extensive experience in estate management and, because we put at your service the latest technology so all owners can benefit of a committed service, decisive and reliable.  Discover property management for the 21st Century.

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Income and Expense Plan

Financial Management.

Management of collections and payments of service fees by habitual operations.

Collection of non-direct debit invoices.

Friendly management of debts.

Accounting Management.

Preparation of comprehensive reports on the residents’ association accounts.

Custom account statement reports.

Control of balances and bank accounts.

Call and attendance to Ordinary Meetings

Preparation of calls and agenda.

Drafting and communication of minutes.

Follow-up of the agreements adopted.

Preparation of representation briefs.

Property maintenance management

Support in the assessment of the state of the facilities.

Supplier management and validation.

Insurance coverage advice.

Advise and follow up of claims with the Mediator or Insurer.

Management of repair and improvement works

Management of suppliers and budgets.

Management, coordination and financial-administrative control of works.

Contribution of optional management (Technical Architect ...).

Application for building permits.

Information on rights and obligations

Information on the rights and obligations of co-owners in accordance with the current regulations, foundational title, statutes and internal system of the residents’ association.

Incorporation of the Residents’ Association

Legalisation of the Minute Book.

Distribution of positions.

Opening of bank account.

Processing of the residents’ association’s N.I.F.

Proposal of the Statutes and Internal Regime.

Legal, Labour and Accounting Consultancy

Legal proceedings for debt collection.

Issuance of certificates.

Proceedings due to activity against the interests of the residents’ association.

Public Registrations, private driveway permits, and subsidies.

Preparation of public deeds.

Selecting and contracting personnel for the residents’ association, payroll and Social Insurance.

Management of tax and tax obligations.

Lease management

Selection of tenant/leaseholder.

Drafting and signature of contract, deposit and inventory.

Collection and updating of rent payments.

Payments of expenses and taxes.

Management ofpremises and businesses transfer.

Delinquency and eviction management.

Management for the occupancy of property.

Habitation certificates, bulletins and contracting of service suppliers.

Drawing up of plans, Opening licenses.

Technical Inspection of Buildings and Energy Efficiency Certificates.

Mediation for the smooth running of the association

Arbitration between neighbours.

Friendly mediation with third parties.


Waste management, documents and mail.

Metre readings.

Alarm Management and Security.

Regulations and means of fire prevention.

Extra cleaning and polishing services.

Meeting room provision.